Art Submissions
Welcome to All artists who’d like to Join the 
ILovefreeart family are free to contact us through our contact 
page. This includes art works of all genres….and visual formats. 
This means all styles and mediums, from Painters, to Digital Art, 
Photographers and Videographers. 
How do we operate at ILovefreeart?
Artists who’d like to be seen submit their works to us. This can 
be a photo, painting, sketch, or video clip. Keep in mind  that 
the work you choose to submit will be available for the public 
to download and use freely in whatever their projects may be. 
This does not include 3d mass  production. This means persons 
or companies can’t come to and download 
your work to place on a can of soup to sell a million cans a 
week, or mass produce and frame it to sell without your 
permission, or you getting paid. But they may use it free of  
charge for their school projects, blogs, articles and websites. 
Those who use your works in videos are freely asked to 
acknowledge you in their credits.
Once again, keep in mind that the work you choose to submit 
to our galleries will be available for the public to download and 
use freely. So it would be wise to choose work that you don’t 
mind offering for free use of by the public, but that’s also good 
enough to make visitors click on. Traffic tends to click on the 
thumbnails that look intriguing. If your work is one that fits this  
category, then links to your websites, blogs, or any social 
medias you desire will be opened to them when they click on 
your work.
 Our mailing Lists
We never ask artists to join our mailing  list, but it is something 
you may freely request through our contact page.  Artists who 
do are safe from any junk mail, advertisements, or address 
sales.  They’ll be notified for any updates and upgrades we have 
coming to our site…and  we have quite a few. Our site’s 
upgrades will never involve taking away a feature you enjoy, 
and will only involve adding to them. Our artists’ mailing  list is 
different from our viewer’s mailing list in that we only put you 
on it by you giving us a personal request through our contact 
page, as well as having work on ILovefreeart, and you may 
remove yourself through request at any time. Our viewer’s 
mailing list informs them when you submit something new, but 
we only inform artists when something relevant to them 
occurs. Artists on our mailing list are put on our “The Artists” 
page as available artists for hire with links or any contact info 
they desire, and are made available for positive reviews.
Final Note
ILovefreeart is not responsible for any dealings you make with 
clients through the site. We offer the door to potential clients, 
but who you invite to walk through it is the responsibility of the  
artists. Yet we will vouch for the integrity of members of our 
community who display it, as well as the works they submit. So 
we hope that new up & coming artists, photographers, and 
videographers will use their discretion when contacted by 
potential clients, or asked to go on jobs. Thanks for coming, and  
we hope you enjoy.