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Featured Artist: Abal García
Abal-Garcia Alejandro José Abal García is an exceptional artist currently living with his family in Montevideo Uruguay. He’s been painting for many years now, and has truly dedicated himself to his craft with a passion within the last few years.  Born with a natural love for the arts, José started drawing at a young age, and later took the opportunity to indulge his passions even further by sketching everything from buildings and landscapes to architectural drawings.  He has studied at Torres Garcia’s Museum, and Ateneo de Montevideo, with works currently available in galleries in Montevideo. Not only does Alejandro have a serious passion for drawing and painting with every medium from pencil and ink to oils, but he also delves in writing exquisite poetry and short tales, as he anticipates the possibility of an exposition in the city soon. He has a great love for culture, and all forms of the arts, including music, sculpture, painting, movies, theater, and photography.